5 High Tech Home Ideas for Your Custom Home

by Sales & Marketing on May 28, 2015

High tech home ideas for your custom home

Can a home be smart? Recent advancements make the answer a resounding “yes.” Your smartphone isn’t just for playing Candy Crush anymore; now, you can use it to control your home’s features and appliances. Smart homes packed with state-of-the-art appliances on precise timers, controlled remotely are the wave of the future. High tech home ideas […]


Your Custom Home at Every Stage

by Sales & Marketing on May 27, 2015


At High Ridge Homes we understand that you can’t press “pause” on life while you’re building your dream home. That’s why we communicate our home building process clearly from the outset so that you’ll be aware of what each stage involves. From the initial wants and needs assessment all the way through to the completion […]


Your Memorial Day Custom Staycation!

May 21, 2015
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Memorial Day is the perfect time for barbecues, picnics and big get-togethers. Some families even use this holiday as an opportunity to hold a family reunion. Memorial Day family activities can be a lot more fun in a home with plenty of space, key features and room to grow. Consider these custom home ideas and floor […]

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Accessibly Home!

May 19, 2015
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As more and more baby boomers move beyond retirement age, there’s an increased demand for homes that are wheelchair accessible, and remodeling doesn’t always yield optimal results. Fortunately, building your own wheelchair accessible custom home with the expertise of a Northern Virginia custom home builder is an opportunity to get all the features you need. Need […]

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Your Foodie Fabulous Kitchen

May 14, 2015
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Are you a foodie? Do you have an adventurous palate? Whether you love hosting boisterous sporting events or intimate dinner parties, you need a home that will answer that demand with a killer kitchen. One of the joys of building your own Northern Virginia custom home is that you can create the kitchen you crave. […]

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Take a Deep Breath of Green Air!

May 12, 2015
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You already know about blue skies, but what about green air? That’s right– here at High Ridge Homes, we believe that going green isn’t just about sustainable and energy efficient building materials. Going green also means creating a breathable environment where you won’t need to worry about inhaling harmful pollutants. Most Americans spend 90% of […]

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Give Mom a Sanctuary!

May 7, 2015
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Whether preparing a meal in the kitchen, helping with homework in the office, or a shoulder to cry on in the living room, moms are always giving of themselves. Looking for a creative way to say thank you this Mother’s Day? How about a special space in the home designed just for her? Creating this […]

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Cinco de My Home!

May 5, 2015
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Cinco de Mayo is a fun festive holiday about heritage. As Americans, we all trace back our lineage to every corner of the world and we like to celebrate that! While enjoying the great food and games that this fiesta calls for, celebrating this Mexican holiday is a fun way to teach your children about […]

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SPRING into Fun for Your Family!

May 2, 2015
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Meaningful experiences await you and your family in the Northern Virginia area. They involve all the best Springtime has to offer: flowers, fresh air, and the color green for miles. Enjoying local experiences is one of the huge benefits of selecting a High Ridge Home since you aren’t locked into a certain neighborhood, and have […]

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Meet The Builder! The Start of Your Dream Home

May 1, 2015
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Here at High Ridge Homes, we can’t wait to start building your dream home. We know you’re excited, too, and that you’re filled with questions about the process. Our friendly staff will answer all of your questions during your initial consultation, but let’s talk about what to expect during that first meeting with us. A […]

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