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by Sales & Marketing on September 19, 2012

Home Office

Whether you work from home full-time or only on occasion, creating space that allows both form and function to co-exist is an absolute must.  With over 40-years of custom home development experience to our credit, creating distinctive designs with a focus on functionality is a specialty of Virginia custom home builders, High Ridge Custom Homes.

Creating a Traditional Home Office

A traditional home office is something that fits almost any design style and can be incorporated in to most custom home designs, regardless of space dimensions.  There are a few basic elements you’ll want to ensure your home office has all the elements of a remote office with all the comforts of home.

Ample cabinet and drawer space is important in order to prevent clutter pile-ups and assist with the organization of your home office.  Keep cabinets at eye-level and drawers within reach of your main sitting area for optimal ergonomic support.

Creating extra working space will give you freedom to move and plenty of working area to spread out and let your creative juices flow!  When creating your desk space, opt for two flat surface areas. The first area will be for your desk and laptop.  The second space is a working area where you’ll be able to layout projects under development.

Incorporate both natural and over-head lighting elements.  Natural light will provide you a built-in mood enhancer and can also minimize the over-head lighting you’ll need during the day, which can result in an energy cost savings.  It’s also a great idea to incorporate under cabinet lighting into your design to assist you when you’re working late at night.

Creating a Elegant Home Office

If you plan on entertaining clients and guests in your home office, then you might want to consider adding an additional touch of style and additional work spaces to your home office layout.

In order to successfully work with clients and team members in your home office, you’ll not only need a place for them to sit, but also a space in which you can brainstorm and collaborate on projects.  Work areas with large flat surfaces or open wall areas for displaying project design boards are sure to make working with guests more productive and relaxing for all involved.

To give your home office a touch of professionalism, incorporate luxurious fabrics and wall coverings into your design.  These design elements can transform a simple home office to an executive suite.

Designing the Right Home Office

When designing your new Northern Virginia custom home, make sure you create a home space that not only reflects your design style, but that also supports how you plan on using your space.  Creating ample area for both you and your guest to works will ensure that your home office is successful working environment.

Want more ideas for designing your Northern Virginia custom home?  Download our free custom home planner or contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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